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  1. High Definition Displays
    this recently started happening. My Sony 4k tv is connected via hdmi to my yamaha 4k receiver. My DirecTV wireless box is connected via hdmi to yamaha receiver. When i change channels, the screen will go black, slight delay, and then picture appears. On other occasions, the same thing will...
  2. High Definition Displays
    It's a long story, and I thought I did my "homework", but apparently I didn't ask enough questions. I wanted a new TV to replace my 40" Sony XBR that was moving into another room. After a lot of questions, searching, reading, and phone calls, I picked a Sony XBR-55X850C. I was under the...
  3. Blu-Ray Hardware
    Hey guys, I currently have a Sony Blu-Ray player + GoogleTV set top box. You-Tube has ended support for this machine and the current app is unusable. I am looking to replace this machine with something as good or better for streaming as well as disc playing. Anyone have any viable suggestions...
  4. DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion
    I just got a new H22-100 installed to replace a failing 21-700. The audio is not in sync' with the video when playing back recorded movies, etc. from the hard drive. I have the same problem (but not as pronounced) on another hr21 in my living room. Has anyone else run into this? It is quite...
  5. News
    DIRECTV - launches UNCHD and UNC Kids in several North Carolina and Virginia markets. Discussion here. Thanks, jamieh1 for the submission! DIRECTV -Will be launching additional HD locals this summer. Press Release
1-5 of 5 Results