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  1. TV Show Talk
    Due to the ALCS running long, both shows will be shown in their entirety whenever the game ends. I'd add an hour or 2 to be safe. Edit: West coasters should be ok...But, you never know.
  2. DIRECTV General Discussion
    There is an option to hide SD dupes of HD channels. Now we need to get Directv to add a hide MPEG2 dupes of MPEG4 channels. I have a keyword search for NASCAR on any channel, and it is picking up the MPEG2 version of TNTHD instead of the MPEG4 channel. John
  3. Local Reception
    I have a directv sd receiver and an atsc digital to analog converter box I also have an rf modulator that outputs on channel 6 the rf modulator signal is combined with the d11-500 rf signal. the digital converter box is set to pass through. the strange thing is I get snow on channel 3 when...
1-3 of 4 Results