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  1. DIRECTV General Discussion
    Back on Sept. 7th I called DTV and talked to several CSR's about an offer I had received from our local cable company. Cable had offered to give me a Platinum package (all movie channels) for $69 for 6 months with no contract. The first CSR couldn't help and transferred me to Retentions, Lydrell...
  2. ViP922 DVR Support Forum
    Last May I got the great deal to move to Dish free for one year so I decided to go ahead and try it out. Here's the pros and cons from 4 months of using my 922 in comparison to my HR21. 922 vs HR2X 922 Pros: * OTA Module (4 shows recording at the same time!) * 1TB hard drive (still haven't...
1-2 of 2 Results