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  1. Gaming Fun - The Other Reality
    PR from mtv.com,dated today,3/5/09: Apple Corps Ltd.,MTV and Harmonix announce "The Beatles:Rock Band" It will be available on the Wii,PS3 and XBOX360 formats. The "Limited Edition" premium bundle is priced at $249.99. It will contain new hardware offerings modeled after instruments used by...
  2. DIRECTV General Discussion
    I am adding a Hot Tub to my deck and it will be covered and enclosed in a Screened In but unheated area. Can I leave an Active receiver in this enclosed area hooked to my Hot Tub? I am in Southern KY. and winter temps can drop to Single digits at times during the Winter. Thanks
  3. HD Locals
    DMA: Wausau-Rhinelander, WI Established: 1/28/2009
  4. DIRECTV General Discussion
    From DirecTV and broadcastnewsroom.com: The DirecTV Group,Inc. announced today that it recently completed its $3 billion stock repurchase program that began May 2008. The Board of Directors has approved the repurchase of up to an additional $2 billion of its common stock. The program may be...
  5. DIRECTV Tips and Resources
    I have (had) a TiVo Series 3. I loved it. Nothing compares to TiVo. (want some kool-aid?) The main reason I stayed away from DirecTV previously was for two reasons: previously, my apartment in Washington had a north-facing balcony. Second, DVRs had not matured enough to compare to TiVo. Then...
1-5 of 6 Results