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  1. General DISH™ Discussion
    Ok, so this is my first experiences with Dish after a few days of use after install. First thing is I will say why I left DirecTV again was because of the horrible software that is in the Genie 2 with a ton of glitches that never seem to get resolved. Plus I suffered from the random pixelation...
  2. Local Reception
    I'm not an expert at all regarding OTA. As a way to save a few bucks I want to cut my cable subscription, which is my "back-up" for satellite, by trying to add OTA. First off, if an outdoor or attic install is recommended, then I'll happily pass. Also, I'm just looking to receive our major 4...
  3. DIRECTV General Discussion
    Does anyone know of any issues with the Next Generation Remote Extender and the Directv HR24-500? I'm using a Logitech Harmony 650 remote and it is working fine with everything until I connect the remote extender. The remote extender is working fine with my a/v receiver but I cannot get it to...
  4. DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion
    Here is the setup; 1 - HR21-700 2 - HR21-100 1 - HR24-500 SWIM 8, DECA and Internet connection by a wireless game adapter connected to the HR21-700. I know this is not the correct way to connect the internet to the system, but it works. My problem is I have stuttering, on the HR21-700, on...
  5. DIRECTV General Discussion
    I have both an HR22 and R22 DVR. My remote problem is that when I hit the button (on either remote) to do the 30 sec. skip, 9 out of 10 times it will skip 2-3 times vice the 1 time that I want. I have tried to tap the button as quick as possible, with no good results. I was wondering if, say, a...
  6. DIRECTV Programming
    Hey DirecTV tell CNNHD to fix audio delay!!!
  7. Sirius XM General Discussion
    He hosted a daily show on Sirius 80 (Symphony Hall) that I looked forward to each day at. I guess he was a victim of the cuts?
  8. DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion
    :confused: I have a new HR22-100, and when I turn it on in the morning or if I let it play for any lenght of time, I come back and it is on screen saver and it has switched to a 9000 channel all by itself. Any one else heard of this? My 3 HR20-700 are fine. Puzzling. :confused:
1-8 of 9 Results