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  1. General Satellite Discussion
    Alright guys, this is my first post but I've been doing a ton of research on this before posting for the first time. Long story short, we are moving from an apartment where we are essentially forced into using Charter for internet and TV and I hate it. We are moving to a house, and while Charter...
  2. DISH™ High Definition Discussion
    Wasn't there an iphone app for accessing the sling guide before? I didn't have an iphone until recently but I swear when I was in the beta that I saw there was also an iphone app. Was i mistaken, did it get removed?
  3. General DISH™ Discussion
    I am considering switching from Cable (Charter) to Dish Network. Currently through Charter I have a Moxi with a Mate which allows 2 tvs to work of of one DVR. It appears that the 722 works at about the same capacity. There are definite positives with having the dual room dvr… I only have to...
  4. General DISH™ Discussion
    Hi, I have one local that has been badly out of sync for more than a month, is there a number or email @ Dish Network where I can inform them of the problem?
1-4 of 5 Results