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  1. Internet Streaming Services
    If anyone is interested in the TiVo Stream 4K device it's now available to order from TiVo. Regular price $69.99 however they are offering a special where you can get it for $49.99. Offer ends 5/27/20. The device appears to be running on the Android TV Operator Tier. According to their YouTube...
  2. DIRECTV General Discussion
    So I cancelled 12 year service 16 months ago for a year assignment overseas. I have been back 4 months and decided to go with TimeWarner (Spectrum) + TiVo. Mostly because I have 8 TVs (yes that is ridiculous) and even though the sunk cost in TiVo was a large amount it's CapEx vs. OpEx. There...
  3. General DISH™ Discussion
    So I dropped DirecTV a couple of years ago in favor of TiVO & TimeWarner because I have 8 TVs (I know it's ridiculous) but only 2 at most are in use at any time. So monthly cost was less, but yes I had to buy the TiVos but they have resale value so accounting wise I was better off. I am tired...
  4. DIRECTV DVR with TiVo Discussion
    It doesn't even have to be for the VOD part of it. But at least for the software updates. (I ask this because I might consider RV-ing with the Tivo)
  5. DIRECTV Installation/MDU Discussion
    Okay I have a THR22-100 receiver. It's the HD box with TiVo. When DIRECTV first installed it On Demand worked. Since December the On Demand say temporarily unavailable. It connects to the internet with a DECA2(whatever that is). I noticed when I log in to my DIRECTV account it shows one...
  6. DIRECTV General Discussion
    We have been DirecTV customers for over 12 years, having switched from Dish Network in late 2001. At that time, we made the switch specifically to have access to the DirecTiVo. We had been using the original Dishplayer DVR (the one with one tuner and Microsoft's DVR software based on their...
  7. DIRECTV General Discussion
    Have an opportunity to purchase a New In Box S4040R SD TIVO (storage locker sale) to replace our old dying RCA DRV40 TIVO. We have the new box RID but unfortunately DTV says they cannot verify the unit because it has never been activated and they cannot tell if it was 'leased' box (from them) or...
  8. DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion
    The major recent software upgrade that improved the user guide interface has apparently resulted in changing the remote control codes on one receiver to match another receiver situated nearby. Previously, they had their own unique remote code. Apparently, the codes have both been reset to...
  9. DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion
    HR-24 - 500 Locks up - 2 weeks to find solution. No solution here, no solution at DirecTv forums. DirecTv tech support stumped. I finally solved myself. About 3 months ago, about every other day the unit would turn its self on in the middle of the night, and we'd turn it off in the morning. We...
  10. TV Show Talk
  11. ViP612/622/722/722K DVR Support Forum
    Just got a new 722k from a 622. No issues with my Sony tv with the 622 remote but the 722k remote when i hit the source button only does channel, video 3 and PC vs. what my other remote 622 and dvd remote does. The other remotes do Component to HDMI. Some reason and i have tried all the codes...
  12. DIRECTV General Discussion
    What's with all the channels listing no program info?:mad: All they list is to be announced.
  13. TV Show Talk
    Tried to watch the premiere episode. Bailed out after about 20 minutes and canceled the series link.
  14. DIRECTV General Discussion
    Can you HIDE the ADULT Channels on the VOD when you are browsing by channel? Thanks,
  15. High Definition Displays
    Ok I went from a LCD to a Plasma and the black level is much different with a Plasma vs and LCD therefore I'm not really sure how to get shadow detail in dark scenes? I have the Samsung 58c550. I have a calibration DVD and it only does so much? Thanks for the help.
  16. DIRECTV General Discussion
    Ive only heard about this before, but today it happened to me. Customer calls in to the office, says her dvr is acting all funny. They ran through the usual reset, reboot, unplug PI blah blah blah but nothing changed. So they sent me over, and the gal said oh it just did it before you got...
  17. ViP211(411)/211K/222 Support Forum
    Time for upgrade new installs only: 23:23:12 01/27/11 PID=08B2h DownloadID: 2DGC Upgrading FW: L503:'L040'-'L099' L503:'L040'-'L099' 1613:'1[0-6]1[A-HJ-NP0-2]''L040'-'L099','L503'-'L503' New FW: 'L503' List of BootStraps and BuildConfigs and SN: '1[0-6]1[A-HJ-NP0-3]' & 'VA[ACEGJ-NP-R].'...
1-17 of 28 Results