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  1. Buy, Sell, Trade
    Putting the word out, looking for DirecTV's legacy Microsoft Ultimate TV receiver. Either RCA or the Sony models. Nearly any condition is fine as long as it powers on. I understand these things cannot be officially activated anymore etc etc... If you have or know anyone that has this old...
  2. TV Show Talk
    Yes "Hart of Dixie" is a show on The CW. It isn't badly written, acted, directed, etc., despite the core audience of the network. But what has me leaving it on my recording list while dumping "Ringer" and "The Secret Circle" is the music. I'm including links to Amazon's site so you can sample...
  3. DISH™ High Definition Discussion
    With my recent Dish Network system upgrade and my ability to now watch my local network affiliates (Medford, OR) as well as cetain events on the three regional sports networks I receive in HD, I trust it costs extra to get networks like ESPN and Nickelodeon in HD (Dish Platinum package).
1-3 of 3 Results