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  1. DIRECTV General Discussion
    This just happened Friday. I finally had some time today to mess with the receiver. Anyway, I am getting all channels through the TV, but I am missing two channels through the AM21. I do know that the two channels signal come from the same tower. I tried to redo the antenna setup twice, but...
  2. DIRECTV Programming
    Thanks to Directv, Trailer Park Boys is now starting over on the 101. Tonight is the first two episodes. This is without a doubt, IMO, the funniest television program ever. If you have never watched it, give it a try. Watch a few episodes before making an opinion. At first it is difficult to...
  3. General DISH™ Discussion
    :hurah::hurah::hurah: Retro, Indie, Showtime West, TruTV, Hallmark BBCA Antiques Roadshow UK, is in HD and looks GREAT
  4. DIRECTV Programming
    I'm sorry, I looked but don't know where to post this. I'm going to "try" to make this brief. I'm an old time customer who's grandfathered in with the NY-LA network feeds (besides my locals). I "used" to get the LA networks in HI-DEF which was killed off by govt regulations and now I just get...
  5. General DISH™ Discussion
    DISH Network Expands MPEG-4 Advanced Delivery System To Reach 32 Markets Leads Industry in Offering Best Quality Video and Sound for both Standard and High Definition Programming ENGLEWOOD, Colo. - Oct. 15, 2008 - DISH Network Corporation (NASDAQ: DISH), the nation's third largest pay-TV...
  6. Sirius XM General Discussion
    I live in the SoCal area (Inland Empire). I have a Roady XT (I think thats it, it was a Xmas present a while back). For some reason I am receiving lots of static thanks to weak FM signals on 88.5. The other stations that I can use are even worse. Whats funny is at certain times and points...
41-46 of 46 Results