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  1. Hopper System Support Forum
    Hi All, I've been using the Dish USB OTA adapter on my Hopper 3 for about a month now. A few days ago, the Hopper3 started not allowing me to view any of the OTA channels. Each channel remains in the guide. When I select the channel, the choose tuner screen appears, as if the single OTA...
  2. Home Theater Audio
    Hello, I have a Yamaha RX-497 Receiver (manuals attached), and I have an older DVD player connected to its Audio/Video RCA input(s). The output is to my stereo ceiling speakers. So overall a pretty decent (frugal) setup in my living room. I mostly use this when some guests are over and If I...
  3. General DISH™ Discussion
    Can you access HBO Go directly on the 922 or will you have to see it on a computer only? If yes, how do you do it?
  4. DIRECTV General Discussion
    I have noticed that on both of my HD receivers, one DVR and the other not, that channel 65, KKPX is not listed on the Guide. I have done a full reset on both receivers and not there. This channel is our local SD ION channel. I am able to see the alternative 65-1 via the AM-21 box.
  5. DIRECTV Connected Home
    Ok I may have finally been pushed over the edge. FIOS...DISH...Someone save me. It's clear that D couldn't care less. I've got 5 hd dvrs been around since 03, all the movies, big bill and NO contract with D. I should be someone to please. When my perfectly working MRV, Ethernet driven, beta...
  6. DIRECTV General Discussion
    I think DirecTV is pushing the envelope a bit far with the use of banner ads. Over the last few days, HBO-E is wrapped with a banner on top and another on the bottom for a pay-per-view. I will be sending an e-mail voicing my displeasure for this practice and hope others will as well.
1-6 of 8 Results