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  1. DIRECTV General Discussion
    I am having a problem with choppy motion / frame dropping on my HR44. Only seems to happen on ABC, NBC and CBS shows and only recorded shows. Not all shows. Problem is intermittent. Problem ceases during commercials. Watching the same recording on another TV in the house does not exhibit the...
  2. DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion
    For about a year after I got my HR24 hooked up to a (then 40") Sony TV, it sometimes got the display format correct and sometimes showed SD video in HD format, so everyone was too fat. I had to keep adjusting the display settings. I don't know what the technician did, but when I finally...
  3. DIRECTV General Discussion
    Hi, this is my first post with DBStalk and want to thank you for the suggestions in advance. I apologize but I think this may be lengthy but I want to make sure that I accurately describe the issue I am having. First the equipment we have is: 3 lnb with a slimline dish power injector 8 way...
  4. TV Show Talk
    This could be good, depending upon who they cast in the lead role. http://insidetv.ew.com/2011/01/21/wonder-woman-project-finds-a-home-at-nbc/?hpt=T2
  5. DIRECTV General Discussion
    I've been with D* for nearly 7 years. My setting has been the same almost since the beginning (started with two SD and one TiVo, and replaced one of the SD for a 2nd TiVo shortly after). I am well beyond my 2 year commitment and I have: 1. Triple LNB Oval dish 2. SD Receiver in the bedroom 3. SD...
  6. General DISH™ Discussion
    2 changes seen 9/6/10 at 12:46pm ET (v18) Ad channel changes ... Channels Renamed 9645 ITV (Advertising) renamed RAGU (Advertising) (99 Local) (110° TP 10 SD Preview) 9645 ITV (Advertising) renamed RAGU (Advertising) (99 Local) (72.7° TP 23 SD MPEG4 Preview) 7529 Channels
  7. DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion
    Twice in the past week programs recorded to my List have disappeared. I have a HR23-700 with 65% full. In one case a program was deleted with 3 remaining shows. I am the only user. Thanks.
  8. DIRECTV General Discussion
    I've been watching NGC, as background fodder while I sit and read and everytime the DirecTV 101 commercial comes on it is booming sound, I have to lower the volume (it woke up my daughter BTW). Am I the only one that is getting this issue are there others having the same problem? On other channels?
  9. DIRECTV Programming
    As of this morning, DirecTV has added Lafayette, IN to it's LiL markets. The locals are only available in HD and (just like Mankato, MN) only one station-CBS affiliate WLFI-is actually in the market. The three other stations available are all from nearby Indianapolis, IN. The stations...
  10. DIRECTV General Discussion
    Is the phone line still required for the HD DVR's? I'm thinking of switching phone service from Verizon to cablevision and I thought I read somewhere that the Directv boxes don't work with cable co. phone service. Is this tru? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. DIRECTV Programming
    Hi - what's the e-mail address for Supercast support? I can't get the AIR version to launch ever since I answered "Yes" to "Do you want to upgrade to the latest version of the applicaiton" this afternoon. The web-verson is working fine. When I launch the AIR version, nothing happens. The...
  12. Local Reception
    In the Corpus Christi market (DMA #129), we still do not have CBS or FOX in HD. I can understand FOX, it's anew and small station, but not having CBS in HD just irritates the hell out of me. Further, the CBS station (KZTV-10) is in the process of being sold so it looks like at least another 12...
1-12 of 12 Results