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  1. Hopper System Support Forum
    I currently have a vip 722 and would like to duplicate this setup so that I can have tv on two other tvs without sacrificing my tuners. With the hopper and 2 joeys i would sacrifice the tuners if used at the same time. Would it be cheaper to get a second vip 722 or two hoppers and a joey?
  2. DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion
    Hello All, I started to get an error message a couple of weeks ago that stated that my guide hadn't updated in 1 hour with the error code 920. I don't get this everyday but several times a week. I did some research online and found that this is probably caused by trees in my back yard blocking...
  3. DIRECTV Connected Home
    Does anyone else have problems trying to use fastforwarding on their PC with directv2pc? If I am watching a show on my pc and I try to fastforward past commercials, it will begin to fastforward and then the video will just freeze (the audio continues to advance). I have to stop playback and...
  4. DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion
    I searched around but couldnt find anything about this. Is there a replacement yet for the HR21-PRO? Is there another model that you would suggest instead of this model? The only reason i am leaning towards this is that it is going in a rack and with the rack mounts and the position of the...
  5. Buy, Sell, Trade
    Hey Everyone, ***CORRECTION*** I totally flaked - don't have the ViP 622 anymore. I DO have the 2 ViP 211's below. Same deal - $200 incl shipping if you take them both. Sorry for the confusion. I adjusted the message accordingly. I am selling 2 like-new Dish Network Receivers. All are in...
1-5 of 7 Results