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  1. General DISH™ Discussion
    As previously posted, I have two Dish VIP211 receivers. I have Dish’s biggest programming package. Would I be able to swap out the 211 receivers for two Wally receivers? I’ll appreciate your input. Thanks.
  2. General DISH™ Discussion
    I have a DISH VIP211Z and VIP211. Both have recently started to turn themselves on/off randomly, with no input from remote. Has anyone seen this behavior and what might cause it?
  3. TV Show Talk
    While watching my recording for Modern Family last night a commercial slip through... That commercial was to announce Cougar Town coming back on 2/14! Woo Hoo!
  4. DIRECTV Connected Home
    I've had the MRV over my ethernet network setup for about 2 months. The last couple of days when I stream a program from one room to the other, the program will freeze. If I switch to another program, and switch back, most times it will continue from where it left off. I thought maybe my...
  5. DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion
    I have had an interesting couple of days with my HD DVRs First, I have an HR20-100 that has been having issues where it stops outputting a video and I have to pull the power cord to reboot. I called D* and they sent a replacement which I got today. Today my HR20-700's internal hard drive has...
1-5 of 6 Results