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  1. DIRECTV Tips and Resources
    Bad fonts but only on the pause line and bottom line of the LIST screen. (see images) BLOCKS rather than text! (3) Vizio TVs - only one has this problem. DirecTV says it's the TV, VIzio says "no way" "The feature is solely available only in the receiver." Receiver is a C31-700 Software...
  2. Miscellaneous Equipment
    Actually, my need goes a little further. I have a Vizio 37" HD TV and it works great. The primary media source is our Comcast HD box, not the DVR type, its the very tiny black box, not a lot bigger than an Apple TV, interfaces via HDMI. The comcast box works fine, and Comcast gives you a...
  3. DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion
    Hi, I am new to this so I will try to explain. I have an HR22 dvr and want to connect it to a Lynksys wrt54g router. I have seen a WGA54g gaming network adapter that I was told would work. I wonder if this is the best choice. I don't have a strong signal in the house due to living at the...
  4. DIRECTV Installation/MDU Discussion
    Hello everyone - Looking for help here. After many battles and issues I finally had DTV Setup in my home. - I ordered the following - 2 HD DVR 1 HD Receiver Whole Home w/ Cinema Plus (I believe Cinema + is On Demand?) The guys came out this morning and set up the system - The following...
  5. ViP922 DVR Support Forum
    Anyone notice issues with the "Remote Viewing" guide ? I've had several instances lately where it does not load when I log in. I get a message, "There were no results found in Everything on Grid." or "You currently have HD Channels Only selected." Did a soft reboot, re-signed in at my account, I...
  6. DIRECTV Programming
    What is the rule 7 who makes it,that if you don't have any locals available then you can't get any other locals that are close to you
  7. DIRECTV Programming
    Hey guys Im not going to get my hopes up yet but just noticed while looking at the MLBEI schedule on dtv site they not only have the SD/HD Dodger telecast listed but a third one (not listed) when they play the PADRES. Could there be hope thats the SD4 telecast???
1-7 of 8 Results