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  1. DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion
    All, I have a question about recording 3D content. I have a Mitsubishi TV that requires the adaptor for the Directv box to see a 3D tv attached. I have not received the kit yet. My question is, can I record the 3D hockey game on saturday even tho I do not have the receiver connected to a 3D...
  2. DIRECTV SD DVR/Receiver Discussion
    I just bought a Samsung Tivo off of Ebay. Its model number Sir-s4040r. The hard drive was upgraded to a 160 GB from a 40. Which my Guess means the old one died. Just wonder what issues I might have to look out for. I have a Hughes HDVR2 that had multiple hardware issues. Should I expect the same?
  3. DIRECTV General Discussion
    I had NFL Sunday Ticket for a trial then I cancelled it. I also called on 02/01/10 to make sure it doesn't auto renew. It still shows under my Services on my account. I sent a simple email asking why it still shows under my Services and this is the response. " I completely understand your...
1-3 of 4 Results