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  1. Sports Programming and Events
    Has any else noticed that Univision seems to have much better sound in its broadcasts, but ESPN, has been looking better? I get Univision both OTA and via SAT, and comparing it to ESPN broadcast. Sound is Great on Univision, but ESPN looks better. Strangest thing is Univision is about 1-2...
  2. News
    As the Administrator of this site I would like to personally thank Smiddy, HDTVFAN0001, Draconis, spartanstew, richierich, AltCool (from left to right) & FTA Michael (not pictured) for attending the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. They did a stellar job! Also a big thanks to the staff...
  3. DIRECTV General Discussion
    I've been a DirecTV customer for about 10 years with no issues. About a month or two ago I decided to add DirecTV to a rental property I own, so I called DirecTV to set up a new account for that address, the CSR had a few problems understanding so she set me up with the Movers Connection since...
  4. TV Show Talk
    I noticed at the end of Mythbusters today, they dedicated the episode to Erik Gates. WHo? Hmmmm..... from Rocketry Planet: Tragedy claims the life of rocketry ambassador Erik Gates FULL ARTICLE HERE
  5. ViP612/622/722/722K DVR Support Forum
    Long story as to why I ask, but is there any way to get to My Recordings without using the DVR button (like going to menu then getting there somehow) ? Lets just say I have kids! thankd
  6. DIRECTV Installation/MDU Discussion
    Ok it is the oval dish and has what looks like 3 lnbs. There are 4 lines coming from the dish. 2 of them were going to the hddvr in the LR and the other 2 were going to s small 4way multiswitch. From there I had 2 basic boxes. I bought a new HDDVR to replace 1 of the boxes and a regular DVR to...
  7. DIRECTV Programming
    I noticed my series pass did not record Dexter last night. I had no other recordings during that time. I have a HR22.
1-7 of 8 Results