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  1. DIRECTV Tips and Resources
    After getting our iPad I jumped at the opportunity to install the free DBS Talk app. It did not take long to realize how much more I enjoy the true web version. Now I have my cake an am eating it too. I deleted the iPad app and replaced it with the one you can make using iPads handy utility.
  2. High Definition Displays
    It's a Panasonic TC-50GT25. And yes, it's 3D. Not only 3D but 2D to 3D as well. It does a fairly good job on the 2D>3D bit. My wife really enjoyed her soaps in 3D today. :lol: Of course 2D to 3D doesn't quite compare to 3D but it's okay. I do think this may be the best picture I've ever seen in...
1-2 of 2 Results