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‘Walking Dead’ actor Wilson staggers to DUI charge in PTC stop

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From The Citizen:

Actor Scott Wilson was arrested after tests showed a blood alcohol level of .155, nearly double the legal limit.

Wilson, age 70, of Los Angeles, Calif., was charged with DUI alcohol and failure to maintain lane, according to incident reports obtained from Peachtree City Police.

The actor plays Hershel Greene in "The Walking Dead," now filming its third season in nearby Senoia.

The Aug. 18 incident occurred at approximately 2 a.m. when police responded to the area of Ga. Highway 74 and the city baseball/soccer complex in reference to an anonymous complaint about someone driving erratically, police reports said.

The officer said he observer a Chrysler-made PT Cruiser a short distance to the north traveling at a speed well above the limit. The incident report noted that Wilson's vehicle swerved back and forth in its lane and crossed the lane boundary line several times in the vicinity of Dividend Drive. The vehicle was pulled over at Hwy. 74 and Crosstown Drive.

The officer said he could detect a very strong odor of alcohol when Wilson exited the vehicle, adding that Wilson agreed to field sobriety tests. Prior to the tests the actor asked the officer if he knew his cousin, named Miller. Wilson then said his cousin's name was Wilson.

When asked to clarify, Wilson said his mother's name was Miller and that she had married someone named Wilson.

Wilson during the field sobriety check had difficulty with the horizontal gaze test due to swaying and having difficulty concentrating, police said.

He was unable to complete the "walk and turn" test, saying his spine was "out of joint" due to his role in a television series, remarking that the road surface was slanted and appeared to be unable complete the test after four attempts. Wilson was also unable to successfully complete an alphabet test, police reports said.

The officer then administered an initial breath test indicating a blood-alcohol level of .143. Two additional tests performed at the police department showed a blood/alcohol level of .151 and .155. The legal limit in Georgia is .08.
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