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Several weeks ago, I installed a SWM-8 to prepare for a future receiver that would take me over the four tuner limit. I have a Slimline 3LNB. When I reset the receivers, I selected dish type "03: Slimline-3" and Switch 01 (SWM), and everything worked well, and I have had no problems with any of the four tuners (HR21, H21, and H23)

Last night, I installed my fifth tuner (H24). When I called DirecTV to activate it they said that I should go back and change the satellite to "17 Slimeline-3S (SWM)". That worked, but I thought that 17 was for the Slimline-3 with the integrated SWM.

Does it really make any difference whether I choose 03 or 17 as long as the switch is 01?
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