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So I was setting up my "tailgating" dish at our lake house to prepare it for extensive use later this summer... But it's been raining hard all day and throughout the setup.

Everything is working just fine except for the Golf Channel. It refuses to come in. I get a few 0s on the 101. The first time I got 0s on the evens. Then 0s on 5 TPNs then 0s on TPN 29. To me this seems like there's water somewhere in the line (either LNB or barrel connector) and it's dripping out and causing some signal to come back. At first not all channels were even showing up in the guide. A RBR fixed that along with a repeating of satellite setup.

Would possible water contact hurt the connectors in the cables out by the dish and where it enters the house? Hopefully it will all dry out tomorrow and I'll test it again. All (most)TPNs were in the 70s with the few exceptions listed above. I'm hoping water contact didn't permanently damage anything. Thanks for your input in advance.

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