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As the title says. 1 of my HD DVR's are getting 0 signal on odd TP's on 103c. All other sats are good and my other HD DVR's are fine. Have already done the reset a few times. Just seems odd that its only 1 sat that is loosing it on 1 receiver.

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orion7144 said:
What kind of conduit do you recommend to run on the outside around the base of the house?
A few choices:

First if it is possible tuck the cable under or inside the siding. With a siding tool you can open th siding enough to run the cable inside the siding and then put the strip back.

You can spade back the soil and run the cable right along the foundation. Where it comes up or goes down you need to prodect that from the weed wackers.

Easiest thing is either "bell & socket" irrigation & electric conduit. It is sold in 10' sections and connects by pushing together. No glue required. Four lines will fit into the2" and two lines will fit in he 3/4". You have to redo the fittings to use this stuff because the fittings will not fit except one at a time.They sell bends separately.

OR Flexible electric conduit with a slit running it's length. You just fit the cable into the slit and hang it.

Sometimes you can find a place to drill and run the cable inside the crawl space. "Dry hangers" are nail like hooks that will keep the cable off the ground and you can use them every few feet inside the basement or crawl space. Avoid the temptation to use staples.

Coax cable is pretty tough but special areas need protection as you have discovered.The balance is between protection and appearance. Time and cost enter into it. I have seen standard gutter pipe hung horizontally that looked good and was ez to install. Electric conduit may not be necessary along every foot. Duct tape and paint go a long way.

Now that you know what to look for and are aware of th problem you are going in the right direction.

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