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Did a search but couldn't find anything on this:

I have a SL set to record PTI on ESPN. I have it set to Keep at Most: 2 Episodes. It recorded a third one this evening.

Also, using a Repeating Manual Record, there is no option to Keep at Most.:(

With shows like PTI there is not really a need to go back and watch it if you missed it. It is more to have something playing while I get ready for bed. So keeping 2 is plenty.

Is this known bug?

Also, under is it a bug or feature, I noticed that if two things are scheduled to record at the same time, if you turn on the recorder, it reverts back to the channel you were last watching. This kills the buffer. So unlike TiVo, if you were recording a channel and it was running late due to a sporting event, if you get to it within 30 minutes it will still be in the buffer and you can save it.

With the HR20, neither show that was recording is buffered. So bug or feature. I can see it both ways.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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