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110 Problems?

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I think this problem will become moot shortly once I replace my HR10-250 with a HR2X but it still puzzles me. Sometime since 7/7 (I know since that was my last successful Sho HD recording) I have lost signal strength on 110 sat. Right now I am getting 8 in low 70's, 10 at 0 or 30 bouncing and 12 at 44-46. As far as I can tell all other sats are in the 80's or higher. I have the AU9 so I am not sure how the other sats can be pointed well but not 110? Also how can the different transponders be so different? However am I correct in assuming now that the MPEG4 versions of the 110 HD channels are enabled I won't need the 110 any longer? Thanks.
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It could be a LOS issue blocking the 110 sat. Check www.dishpointer.com to see if any trees might be your problem. It could also be a failing LNB or the switch integrated into the LNB. You are correct 110 isn't really important at this point if you don't have any need for the mpeg2 hd channels. It doesn't carry any of the guide data so you don't have any of the problems you have with 119.
Is that on both tuners? If not, try swapping the antenna lines to see if the problems on 110 switch to the other tuner. You could have an installation problem which will also appear when you install your HR2x.
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