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119 Tp 5 down for the count

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Just lost Houston locals on 119 Tp 5 spotbeam. 110 works fine, no clouds.

Does this happen often and how long does it last?
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TP7 here in NC , as well as TP5.

I think they are having uplink problems with all the spotbeams-

Update 2215 EDT - just came back !
Never mind we're back! Kinda, on and off.
What was the weather like in Chyenne and Gilbert? It may be that a storm at the uplink center killed the uplink momentarily. Remember that uplinks suffer from "rain" fade too.

See ya
Are the spotbeam uplinks any different from the conus uplinks? That is to say, do they use less power or something that could make them more susceptible to rain fade?
I can't speak for everybody else, but my spotbeam transponders (that I receive) are at least as high as the CONUS ones.
Cheyenne weather radar has been down since 7/22. I wonder if there is any connection?
Spotbeam uplinks would require as much power as the conus uplinks to be received at the satellite with the same signal to noise.
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