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2 simple SWM install questions

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I am replacing an H20 receiver with an HR22 DVR. Since I don't want to run another cable to the family room from the attic, I have also purchased an SWM-8. I also have two HR20 DVRs already. I have two quick questions.

First, after I do the switch to SWM-8 from the multiswitch, do I have to go through satellite setup again for the two HR20's I already have?

Second, does the HR22 come with software "out of the box" that is already capable of using the SWM, or do I have to first attach it to the multiswitch output and update the software to the latest NR and then use the SWM?


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1) Yes power down DVR and plug back in to reset. Will be slow to restart.
Don't have to do whole guided setup just power off reset.

2) Yes ,software out of the box should be good for SWM

Doctor j
No need to go through setup again - the HR2x's automatically sense what they're connected to. Just make sure that all units are turned off when you power up the SWM and then turn them on one at a time. Oh, ditch the BBC's.

The HR22 will be good to go out of the box - it will go through the initial setup if you haven't activated it yet, but otherwise it will be seamless.
Thanks for the help. I did know about removing the BBCs, but it's always good to be reminded so you don't do something stupid.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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