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2 tuners analog receiver

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Hi guys; i have i think is a 311 analog 2 tuner receiver and a 211 hd receiver,i'm using RF out channel 3 of 211 and chan 21 out of the 311 2 tunner receiver inserted on my network destribution for all the tvs on the house.My question now is. i want to upgrade the analog 2 tuner to HD and still having the second tuner to be the same 21 chan, is there a hd receiver that one can tune in chan 21 instead of the known chan 3. thanksin advance.
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The 2 tuner receiver you have is probably a 322, not a 311, which is a single tuner receiver. I believe all the dual "output" receivers (which have two satellite tuners, and HD receivers also have one OTA tuner) use channels 21-69 for the output of TV2 (TV1 is uses channels 3-4). Note that the output of TV2 on HD receivers is SD only.

You can download and look at the user manuals yourself from www.dishnetwork.com (under Support/User Guides). The dual output HD receivers are the ViP222 and ViP622/722 DVRs.
Thanks; do you know how much more i would pay if i upgrade the 312 for the vip222. thanks in advance.
No I don't, but log into your account at www.dishnetwork.com and go to My Equipment and then Equipment upgrades and then Dish'n'up to see what your current upgrade choices are - every customer will have different choices and prices.

For example for me it doesn't look like the ViP222 is a current upgrade choice, but the ViP722 is $150 ($200 installed), ViP622 is $100 ($150 installed), and ViP222 is $100 Installed.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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