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Hi Rockerman, Welcome to DBSTalk.:hi:
I can't wait for the second season. :)

I really liked the finale........Overall, a decent episode with some pretty surprising stuff. Here were the real groaners, though:

1) Drazen dreams up the idea of telling Jack his daughter's dead with the express intention of luring him in for the kill. Jack arrives and they run like frightened mule deer to the escape boat?!? Hell, if they just planned to run away, why bother to tell Jack anything? Just say, "We'll get him next time."

2) Teri is told straight up that Jack was involved in a shootout, but he's fine and he's on his way back so go celebrate. So what does the terminally stupid Teri do but wander off into the bowels of CTU (completely unescorted, mind you, in what is supposed to be a high-security facility). And she just happens to open the right door to find Nina, who's actually trying to hide? I'm sorry, but she deserved everything she got.

Some cool stuff:

1) Palmer's really mad look when Sherri leaked to the press that he was OK.

2) Jack's assault on the Drazens, particularly when Victor got perforated (Jack's guns were louder - cool! ).

3) Jack killing his own wife. If he hadn't ordered the immediate arrest of Nina, which caused her system to be locked down prematurely, then they could have captured her before she killed Teri.

Teri's death was certainly shocking, but only because I didn't think they'd have the guts to pull it off. If you accept the lunacy of Teri's wandering into Nina's lair, it is only logical that the woman who coldly whacked a cleaning woman and two or three security guards would have no compunction about killing Jack's wife.

I confess to being a little confused about Nina's true feelings towards Jack. She seemed to genuinely care about him, but she doesn't care if he dies. If she does care, though, killing her "competition" would be a pleasure for her, I would think.
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