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3 LNB Dish Obsolete?

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I have a question.

When I subscribed to DirecTV, everything I needed was at the 101 orbital slot. But then there were a number of channels added that were included in my package (total choice plus) that were on the 119 so I bought a 3-LNB dish. One by one, they were moved over to the 101. Now, I read that the last English-language channel (I don't speak Spanish) CCTV-9 (ch. 455) that I watch from the 119 is being dropped later this month. :mad:

In the future when (if) I upgrade to DirecTV's HDTV options I will need a slimline dish, but for now since my locals are at 101 and I don't have HD is there any reason to have a 3-LNB dish after CCTV-9 is dropped? Are any of the CHOICE or CHOICE EXTRA MPEG2 SD channels moving to 119 or 110?
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I wouldnt think so, Directv is trying to get everything in the standard packages off of 119 and 110 as the new dish (Slimline 3) will not see those slots, plus I believe they are trying to move some of the international stuff there.
In your area it might be indeed obsolete. but there are plenty of areas with locals from 119. And with the removal of the MPEG2SD there might be more stuff going to 110.
In my area, Greenville-Spartanburg, SC, the 18 inch round dish is still installed NEW for non-hd customers.
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