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First of all, let me say that I am NOT an HR20 hater!!

We went from 2 UltimateTV and 1 Tivo box to 3 HR20's and so far the functionality has been decent in terms of recording things and not having many of the issues others have mentioned (fingers crossed).

We do have some occasional RBR which I do NOT like but we'll live with those for now and see what happens.

The reason for the post is to give people a quick heads up about something I ran into:

We originally bought 2 units in mid-November. One worked fine, the other had audio issues on all HD channels except the locals. Just choppy sound and you would maybe get every 5th syllable so it was completely unwatchable. We purchased a 3rd unit and that one seems to be ok.

We got a replacement from DTV but it was a refurb. I was VERY disappointed in the quality of the unit from a physical perspective. It had scratches all over the outside of it and still had one of the dice stickers on the front (you know, those annoying identification labels that ARE removeable;) ).

Anyway - I reluctantly hooked it up and of course - no picture or sound. Called tech support and they sent another replacement. It's another refurb but hopefully this one will work.

I just wanted to throw out there 2 things:

1. If you get a unit that works - it seems to work ok. It seems like these things either work out of the box or your pretty much stuck. If not, see #2

2. If you get a malfunctioning unit they will replace it with a refurb (which was someone else's malfunctioning unit) and if you read #1 you can see where I am going with this. If it don't work outta da box - it appears you're pretty much screwed. So I am not too happy getting someone else's brick. By now I think you can see where this cycle is going. . .

My next step is to see how the replacement refurb box works but if it doesn't work right away I'm going to have to demand a brand new unit - and I don't know if that will happen. Hopefully a supervisor would see the hassle of all of this time wasted and shipping back and forth (covered by DTV of course) and step up with a new unit but I'm expecting a headache.

Hopefully this will all be for nothing and my new/used replacement will be fine (fingers crossed again).

Again, just keep in mind - the grass is not always greener. I'm sure my first replacement box belonged to someone who started the 'HR20 is a POS' (or something like that) post.

Hope this helps anyone thinking about requesting a replacement. Be careful what you wish for;)

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