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301 UHF remote control

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Hi Guys, i have a VIP 211 RECEIVER now and i had a 301 receiver that was turned in for the 211, the guy lefted the 301 UHF remote control behind , i tried to get it to work with the 211,but no avail, is this trash?
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Yes it's trash.

6.3 UHF/IR Remote Kit
4 Component Universal UHF/IR Remote for Models: ViP 211 and 411s, 622, 942, 921, 721, 625, 522, 510, 508 and 501.
Ships with Remote Keys (Green #1, Blue #2, etc.) to use with all receivers listed as UHF or IR. Manual also included to program.

3.2 Universal IR Remote
Replacement DISH Network 311 and 301 Receivers along with all DISH Network IR Capable Receivers: 2700, 2800, 3000, 3700, 3800 and 3900.

Other then that I couldn't tell you why, but I know it doesn't.
301 should have an ir remote unless you had some sort of UHF converter kit. If it is really uhf, the reason is that the 211 only recognizes ir signals, not uhf
Thanks, well dish sent me UHF PRO KIT 10.1 remote for free as i had the previeous receiver that i could control all over the place,and the 211 remote couldn,t, so i'm set with one remote only for the room where i have the receiver and the 10.1 UHF pro KIT i can take it to evry where includind the cealler where there's a tv, that's cool.
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