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37" Viewsonic Monitor/tv

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In addition to becoming an admitted HD elitist (snob), I have also turned into an
absolute "Deal or No Deal" junky.

No, I'm not talking about the popular tv show -- I'm addicted to, as "The Donald"
might put it, the 'art of the deal', but instead of making millions like the Trumpster,
I'm blowing my pitiful retirement (HA!) on great deals for the latest in electronic
gadget and gizmo jabberwocky. Sometimes I feel like the deals are coming at
me faster than (not then) I can yank my VISA card out of my old worn wallet, and
itis all Richard's fault! He was the one who turned me on to Woot! and into an
obsessive-compulsive 'Wooter'!

Look for me standing at the front door of your nearest Wal*Mart very, very soon. :rolleyes:

In another thread I posted info about a 30" commercial LCD monitor from Samsung
that sells for $2k. A great monitor, I'm sure, but not necessarily a good deal - not yet.
Now comes what some might consider to be an incredible deal on a huge 37" LCD
monitor/TV by Viewsonic, that is now selling for only $1k at Buy.com. With an "acre"
of screen area, but a res of only 1360x768, about half that of the Sammy, it's still a
wowzer of a deal for those who, like The Donald, want to invest in real estate!

Take a look HERE.

Why I mention this, I don't know. Now, where did I put that VISA card? :whatdidid
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Nick- I have been searching for the perfect technical solution to my traveling and not having access to my home theater much of the year but stuck in a hotel room with their crappy TV sets. I haven't watched a Hotel TV set in nearly two years but have been somewhat satisfied with my laptop and playing DVD's but it is on a small screen and hardly DVD quality. Now, in the interest of compacting my travel package, especially with all the latest airline security problems, I went and bought an even smaller screen a 12" Dell laptop but well endowed with all the extras built in. See my other thread. So what to do about the DVD's on such a small screen?
Here's the answer-
I purchased a Dell DLP micro projector, so small that it fits into my computer carry on case along with the smaller laptop. It is their model 3400 MP and comes HDTV ready. Just plug into the laptop's VGA connector and the projector auto senses the input and the default is, maybe not ISF certified but I'm telling you, projecting up an the far wall in my hotel room offers a 6 ft. wide screen DVD image that is quite enjoyable. PLUS! I can set it up behind my laptop and use it as a 30" computer screen for those tiny numbers on a spreadsheet or video edit timeline.
Add a good set of headphones and the sound is fantastic. MY current hotel room walls are beige, not white but even this is quite acceptable to me. If I really was in need of a white screen, I have one of those fold away white reflector Photographer's disks that I could break out that I carry. The cost of this gem is just $1099. There are lower cost LCD PJ's of this size, but these do not have the quality. InFocus also makes an equivalent one but their's sells for $1299.
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That's a great idea for the road warrior, Don.

Back in my A/V days, I would occasionally take home a professional PJ
when the roommate and I wanted to have a movie marathon. I still have
a 6' Dalite tripod screen gathering dust in my a/v closet.

The last hotel I stayed at had flowery wallpaper, but one could always call
housekeeping and ask for an extra king-size pillow(case) and four push-
tacks from the front desk! :D
"four push-tacks from the front desk! "

Funny you mention that. I plan to get some white cloth, about 3.5 x 5 ft. and a few push pins, plus a short roll of gaffers tape for my computer carry-on bag. Want to be prepared for my CES trip coming up as I know that room has wall paper with designs.
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