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3D on HR-34 problem

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Brand new HR-34. HR-34->Onkyo Receiver->Panny TV. The 3D channels in the guide show up as greyed out, as in not available to me. The DirecTV installer said I need to connect it directly to the TV to get 3D. Well, the HR-24 that I unplugged and plugged the HR-34 into the same coax and HDMI worked great through the receiver for 3D. I literally just swapped the boxes, and now the HR-34 doesn't see my Panny as 3D capable, even though I've been watching 3D for a year with an HR-24 on it.

Any ideas?
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Same problem here. If I switch my denon receiver to PS3 and back to the HR34 it will show up. As the other poster said though, power up order and timing matters. The Harmony One remote I have is very powerful, but it is annoyingly difficult to get this right with one button startup. I tried for about an hour to get the stupid remote to do it automatically and couldn't do it. So I just switch inputs when it's greyed.
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