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3D on HR-34 problem

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Brand new HR-34. HR-34->Onkyo Receiver->Panny TV. The 3D channels in the guide show up as greyed out, as in not available to me. The DirecTV installer said I need to connect it directly to the TV to get 3D. Well, the HR-24 that I unplugged and plugged the HR-34 into the same coax and HDMI worked great through the receiver for 3D. I literally just swapped the boxes, and now the HR-34 doesn't see my Panny as 3D capable, even though I've been watching 3D for a year with an HR-24 on it.

Any ideas?
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Shouldn't be that hard to get the Harmony to work. There is a section where you can tell it what order to turn the devices on so you can change that. I'm pretty sure you can also add in a delay in between powering the devices on, but you might have to call tech support to get that added. It's been a while since I've had to mess with programming any of my Harmonys.
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