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4 sec. delay

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On my HR20-700 0x0271 when switching between NFLST HD channels. Both channels are 1080 so the normal lag between resolutions does not apply. This receiver is connected via HDMI to Sony XBR. Anyone else experience this?
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My HR20-700 connected via HDMI to a Panasonic TH50PZ77U does the same thing. I do have native on, but even with native off and using a fixed single resolution doesn’t help much. My guess is it’s the HDCP handshaking that causes this. On other TV’s I have connected via component and native on, it does not take nearly as long between channel changes.
You can thank HDMI, which is why I don't use it. Although a lot depends on how well your TV has done it's HDMI. No matter what you do HDMI must do the HDCP handshaking whenever you change a channel. No matter how good your TV is at it it's going to take time.

Today using Component, Native off set to 1080i my channel changes were 2 seconds at most.
I noticed the same on a HR-21 yesterday when watching ST in HD, sort of, normal channel switching wasn't *terrible*, but switching from the interactive menu or from GameMix was very slow. I don't notice the same lag when switching between other HD channels...it seemed like an eternity.
MPEG-4 has a slower channel acquisition time than MPEG-2. That coupled with HDMI handshake time can be ponderously long.
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