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4000 - Latest Problems - any answers?

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Hi All,
I noticed, my model 4000 lately acting up with the guide...
anyone else? or any suggestions/solutions?
Here is what happening:

When i press Guide...i get the screen with what is ON...
Of course i see everything is kind of slow..but that is nothing
new - it is 4000 after all..
So anyhow - all shows are there...But if click on Info to see what is the show about - i get something like : Retriving sat. information, stand by... - usually i do not mind waiting..
but it is no use for most of the time..the information never comes up...
Also - when moving forward on guide - couple of clicks - and i see - "Info not available" all over the place...
So it kinda sucks..
I think even previous version(s) behaved somewhat better on Guide then that...
At the same time - IRD works fine otherwise..shows the video/audio - no prob..

So any suggestions or ideas?

If nothing could be done to help this problem, but Dishnet's engineers can do something to improve things - Join me please
to kindly request that from them...to maybe come up with new version for 4000 - to fix above problems...

Thanks for listening...
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Originally posted by Darkman
So any suggestions or ideas?
This is certainly not a perfect fix, but here's a work-around I've been using with a 4000...

When it's apparent that a long group of commercials is starting, when a show ends, or when it's time for a potty break, I hit the guide button and walk away. The 4000 eventually fills up its EPG memory as far into the future as it can - that's about 10 hours on mine. The guide feature times out in about 3 minutes and returns the receiver to the program. If you use this procedure late in the afternoon. you should be set for an entire evening's worth of viewing.

Immediately after performing this action I find that I can usually go at least 8 hours into the EPG future ("guide", 8 "right arrow).

If you ever reach the screen that says

Retrieving program information
from satellite.
Please wait or cancel.

you've lost the near-term information. I try not to do that...

As I mentioned, this is not a perfect fix, but it does allow you to have better EPG response.
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Originally posted by Darkman
Allie Vi - how about if you are on the guide..and see for example:
"Boxing" - and you want to press Info button to view who is fighting - your method - will it give you the Info or it will be "Retrieving program info" (even though the name "Boxing" is on guide?
I responded to a question, it just wasn't the one you asked. In the future, please be considerate enough to ask the right questions... :)

Sorry about that - somewhere along the line I lost track of the issue.

I was actually just trying to poke fun at myself. After seeing your response, I realized I missed the point of your question and attempted to make a humorous response (note my smiley face).

Good luck with a solution to the Info problem. I'm looking for one, too...
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