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4000 - Latest Problems - any answers?

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Hi All,
I noticed, my model 4000 lately acting up with the guide...
anyone else? or any suggestions/solutions?
Here is what happening:

When i press Guide...i get the screen with what is ON...
Of course i see everything is kind of slow..but that is nothing
new - it is 4000 after all..
So anyhow - all shows are there...But if click on Info to see what is the show about - i get something like : Retriving sat. information, stand by... - usually i do not mind waiting..
but it is no use for most of the time..the information never comes up...
Also - when moving forward on guide - couple of clicks - and i see - "Info not available" all over the place...
So it kinda sucks..
I think even previous version(s) behaved somewhat better on Guide then that...
At the same time - IRD works fine otherwise..shows the video/audio - no prob..

So any suggestions or ideas?

If nothing could be done to help this problem, but Dishnet's engineers can do something to improve things - Join me please
to kindly request that from them...to maybe come up with new version for 4000 - to fix above problems...

Thanks for listening...
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And you can the UHF remote upgrade kit for the 301 if you REALLY have to have it :)
It would seem to me that they could save alot on the guide if each transponder did the guide for the channels that are on them - at least for the spotbeam transponders, anyway. Maybe keep all CONUS beams guide data on one transponder for each slot.
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