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4000 - Latest Problems - any answers?

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Hi All,
I noticed, my model 4000 lately acting up with the guide...
anyone else? or any suggestions/solutions?
Here is what happening:

When i press Guide...i get the screen with what is ON...
Of course i see everything is kind of slow..but that is nothing
new - it is 4000 after all..
So anyhow - all shows are there...But if click on Info to see what is the show about - i get something like : Retriving sat. information, stand by... - usually i do not mind waiting..
but it is no use for most of the time..the information never comes up...
Also - when moving forward on guide - couple of clicks - and i see - "Info not available" all over the place...
So it kinda sucks..
I think even previous version(s) behaved somewhat better on Guide then that...
At the same time - IRD works fine otherwise..shows the video/audio - no prob..

So any suggestions or ideas?

If nothing could be done to help this problem, but Dishnet's engineers can do something to improve things - Join me please
to kindly request that from them...to maybe come up with new version for 4000 - to fix above problems...

Thanks for listening...
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Originally posted by Marcus S
Turn it off from the front panel w/out smart card for 8 secs. Then turn on and wait for prompt. I did have to run the switch test after, then repeat the procedure. What a mess... On the 4000 I waited 2 mins before trying to pull Program Info, but all came up within 8 secs after I waited. On the 5000 it seemed to work with 20 secs. It also got rid of "Error 017 - Acquiring Access Rights".
so turn it off from the Front panel?
so not with remote control then?
or not from the wall?
No remote. The remote puts the receiver into standby mode, front panel causes off mode but only after 8 secs. Since I have a slaved receiver, the RF signal or lack there of indicates a delay of about 8 secs before the slave TV goes to snow. I suspect that the receiver is writing cashe to the smart card before off mode. Interesting discussion on the "other" forum about Smart Cards, but it appears that the Smart Card processor does not reset unless pulled from the receiver as even off mode keeps power to the Smart Card but in sleep mode. Not sure why pulling power does not reset it as well. In doubt, but did appear to fix the problem, but do rerun switch test and repeat procedure.
strange - but will try
It still sucks for me..
Info only works on The show itself...
But in Guide hardly works...
only when Using Allie Vi method of going forward and let download some info..and then going back backwards and try on most recent shows, not too far ahead - then kinda works..
In any case it kinda sucks the way it is - E* should send an upgrade to us, and a good one hopefully this time...

I tried :(
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