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4000 took new upgrade - 761 now...

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Yes - my 4000 took new upgrade last night - 761 now..

lets, please share our thoughts, findings, expertise about it here..
cuz this one is internesting/weird upgrade - or so it seems so far...
maybe someone knows more details on it - please share!

But i noticed one Major , strange thing though - when making Switch Check - it goes now through 34 checks instead of 26...

i thought 4000 and such receivers were not capable of 34 switch check Period ...

any more findings, thoughts...please :)

maybe not all of you got it yet..- i think i got it last night or maybe day or 2 earlier..
usually i keep at "Ask Permission before downloading" - to know when they are coming.. - but i had it on "autodownload" somehow this time :)
I put it back as it was though...lol

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You might check and see if your local side channels are now showing up in the EPG w/out a 2nd dish. The 6000 got it's upgrade yesterday. 5000 still looking dumb for now.
Darkman e-mailed me earlier and that is exactly what is happening. He's getting the additional side slot channels (call to get a dish) message when he tunes to it. I have a 4000 also, but since I already have a second (third) dish, I didn't see the new software when it came down.

But on top of that, the 4000 may now be capable of cascading swiches. I don't know about this, but with 34 switch checks it sounds like it has the capability.

See ya
exactly guys..
i agree with you...
agree about locals in the EPG w/out 2nd dish...
and agree with Tony about 34 switch checks and the capability of that..
anyone noticed 4000 being a bit faster all around after this latest (761) upgrade? or is that just my imagination....

This has been confirmed..

The Lastest Software makes the 4000 Cascadable
Who confirmed it?

and Someone refresh my memory please - what does cascading do?
is it combining switches together, etc?
Cascading switches - allows you to use an SW21 going to a TWIN, QUAD, SW44, (and maybe SW64), SW42 to get 3 slots (typically 119, 110 and either 61.5 or 148). Would be interesting to see if the 4000 can now use the TWIN or QUAD or SW44.
Rumor is that the Model 1000 can now
also be Casacaded...
in that case - what about 2200 or 3000, etc?

Not at this time, but I think DISH is working on it.
Darkman and KeithLINY,
any news on the cascading capabilities of the model 2200?
[email protected]
sorry...do not know...
I'm 99 % sure ALL Recievers can do the CASCADE
with a TWIN & SW-21...

To know for Sure, do a Switch Check, if it goes
up to 34 or 38 it can CASCADE...

If Not, try getting the Latest Download..
Keith - good idea,

dbergler - yes that is Right, what Keith said - would do it :)
34 or 38 switch checks - will be a good CASCADE indicator
I have 2 SW21 1 SW44 Switches, 1 Dish 500 with dual LNBF (each output carries 110 and 119 satelites) and 2 receivers. I'm projecting to expand to 4 receivers. what i need to do have to see dish 61.5, 110 and 119 in all 4 receivers.
You answer will be very appreciated.


Hope someone will help you.. cuz i am not an expert on switches..

But wow.. - scared me there for a while.. when at the first post in this thread i saw my Nick and 4000 :) --------> as to i do not have that 4000 any longer (lol)

Wow - old thread))))
Anyone notice if 121 is in the signal test screen?
can any one help with diagram how to connect SW64 for 4 receivers? one dish 500 dual LNBF and one dish 300 dual LNBF.

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