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A man is walking down the street, and sees this weird looking character, out in the road, jumping up and down on a manhole cover and yelling 43, 43, 43 at the top of his lungs. The man asks him, what on earth are you doing (and don't you think you'll get hauled away for doing it). He is answered by the weird dude, I am the best there is. I can jump higher than anyone else, and yell 43 louder than anyone else, and I dare anyone to try to jump higher than me or yell louder than me.. (So there). Well, the man was never one to refuse a dare, so "Old Weirdie" moves aside, and the man procedes to jump as high as he can and yell as loud as he can (43, 43 of course) when "weirdie" pulls the manhole cover aside, and down the poor fool goes. The man hole cover goes back on, and Weirdie now proceeds to yell 44, 44, 44
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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