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I've been using an 8x8 HDMI Matrix switch (with 8 mirrored HDBaseT ports) for 1080p content for awhile and am ready to switch it out to support all my 4K TV's and projector. I found one from Atlona which supports HDMI and HDCP2.2 but it looks to only support 4:2:0 chroma subsampling at 60Mhz (8bit).

My goal is to have an optimal 4K experience with DirecTV receivers and secondly with an XBOX One S. I'm not sure what DTV users for their content. Does anyone know how the specifics?

Also, I believe I will lose HDR10 content with the 4:2:0 subsampling, but will 4K content from XBOX still be of high quality?

Any suggestions on an 8x8 matrix which supports HDR10/Dolby Vision (aka 4:4:4)?
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