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501 B to B timer failure

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Anyone else experiencing any back to back timer failures? I clicked on through the guide and selected Enterprise and Twilight Zone. Enterprise recorded, but Twilight Zone did not. It was in the PVR events and said duration 00:00. Whats up with this? :shrug: I guess I'll have to use the manual timer. so much for conveinience. :(
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Did you happen to set the timer for WSBK? If so, there was a LIL outage last night on Dish. Samething happened to me, duration 00:00.
My timer was set to record WSBK from 4:59-7 pm on Wednesday nights, but I only got Enterprise. Turns out there was a locals outage.

I also got a partial recording of TZ off the local UPN station, so I suspect routing problems.
Steve, You are correct it was on WSBK. Maybe it wasn't my unit. Do you think a manual timer would have helped in this situation?
Just found this. WSBK is a local channel. Maybe it was effected by this.

Mike Fox at alt.dbs.echostar wrote:
Looks like they lost the entire satellite that has the locals on it (I forget which is which).

Also looks like it was a nationwide outage, starting at 9 pm Wednesday the 25th and still out at 11:00 pm (didn't bother trying to watch after that). It was back this morning (Thursday).

My wife was on hold with customer support for over an hour before giving up, so lots of people were calling. I called DISH this morning and the guy claimed not to know of any outages, until I pressed him and he put me on hold and then came back and admitted to an outage of "less than 2 hours" -- but I know it was over two hours.

I demanded and got a one-day credit on my account. It's not much but it's the principle, and if more customers would call and do this DISH might feel some of the pain from their screw-up.

Maybe this pissed off enough people to be the last straw for that merger proposal -- do we really want the only satellite operator in this country to be this incompetent?
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