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501 Issue

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I have a 501 with a super dish. My old receiver would lock up each time the channel was changed. Would reboot and go to step 5 of 5 when acquiring signal, then power off and reboot again - would take about 2 hours to get back up again, then fail when channel was changed. I thought it was the receiver so I bought another 501 - this is a new 501. Everything seemed OK, but I only am receiving sat 119 - needed to do a check switch - First time check switch seemed to progress normally then it powered off and rebooted - now this does the same thing as the previous receiver - goes to step 5 of 5 then reboots itself - it only takes about 10 minutes and it comes back up, but each time I try to go to check switch, it locks up as soon as I hit the check switch button and start the process again. Suggestions??
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Well you may have bought a refurbished 501 seeing they haven't been made in 5 years. A refurb could have come with problems but the fact the same problem is showing up you need to look elsewhere for the problem. Check out your cables seeing the superdish is also old and discontinued. The switch is probably your problem but seeing you didn't give much information about what you have that is only a guess. What are the results of a check switch test if it will run it?
Thanks for the reply - I can't even get to the results - it locks up, then reboots .
dsloan said:
Thanks for the reply - I can't even get to the results - it locks up, then reboots .
I'm guessing that you have some bad switchgear or cabling. You might want to buy/build a long chunk of cable and go direct from the receiver to the LNB to rule out damaged cable or a bad switch.

Do you have more than just the 501 connected?
Just the 501 - I am thinking I will do what you suggested - My general thought now is it might be the switch - thanks for replying
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