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508 Bug: Changes channels while listening to music

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I am getting quite frustrated with the 508 right now and want to know if anyone has some insight into this problem.

On a 508 with a 2nd dish option (locals) in the SF Bay Area both my friend and I (15 miles apart) have had the PVR change channels from a Muzak channel to Channel 2 (local).

It occurs anywhere from .5 to 1.5 hours into watching the music channel and it does not occur only when watching a specif channel. It has always gone to channel 2. No other channels.

I know it is NOT caused by the following:
-RF interference (we live 15 miles apart)
-RF remote codes (I have changed my remote twice to ensure it wasn't a neighbor)
-Timers (neither of us have EVER set a timer to channel 2)
-Dish one time event (if they exist... as this has happened about 4 times)

Any ideas what it could be? :shrug:

The only two options I can think of is it is a BUG or Dish is doing some strange (invasive) marketing with local channel 2 that changes your channel to that station.

Any help is appreciated!

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i have experienced these same problems.some things that i did just before they occurred were turning on a fluorescent light, and or operating the remote control garage door opener . have not determined if these are factors or just coincidences and they have not always occurred. 508 is 2 weeks old bought new. this also occurred once i recorded greetings from Tuscon a new show which was also available in Spanish. halfway through program they were speaking English and Spanish at the same time went on for about 5 min. then went to just English. this was probably a problem from the station ktla at least i hope so.
Just wanted to post an update:

It is NOT ONLY when listening to music. Last night I had it kick me out of watching a PVR (pre-recorded event) show. The channel the PVR was on before I watched the recorded event was FOX News but when it exited the event it went to Channel 2!

What is going on here? Does E* have a nasty bug with the locals mapping? It appears to be so!

Also it appears to not be simply present in the Bay Area Local.

Navy8ball I am pretty darn sure it isn't the florescent lights or the garage door control. I think we have a bug in the PVR software when they mapped the locals to their broadcast channel numbers.

Any one else have an explanation or insight?

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I have the same problems with my 508 as well. Bought it new a couple of months ago. It only happens when I am listening to the CD channels. After 30 minutes of listening it switches over to Fox (2). I live in the ABQ, NM locals area. It will do this every time. I also have a 501 that has never had anything like this happen. Its got to be a bug in the software. I have changed my address several times as well thinking it may be someone else's remote doing this but nothing has fixed it yet. I suggest we call Dish to report.
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