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508 Guide data horribly innacurate, name based timers now firing

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Dish PVR *NOT DVR* model 508

All recorded shows are showing "in 2155" in the originally aired box and episode number 15181. This is causing my name based recordings to not record at all. Anyone know why this is happening or know of a fix?

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Personal Video Recorder = Digital Video Recorder in common nomenclature. You could argue that a PVR does not necessarily record digital signals, and that a DVR is simply a digital video camera, not a means of recording TV content for replay, but does anyone (other than you, mike) actually make this distinction?

Quick fix is always to do a soft followed by hard reboot (if the soft doesn't work). If NBR timers still don't fire, try setting manual timers. I had to do this for a while under P 4.05 on my 510 DVR.
The guide information can get rather goofy at times. For the most part it's accurate, but I've seen shows that originally aired earlier in the evening, and the second airing, on the same night, get listed as being originally aired 9 months earlier. Picking the wrong movie description for two movies with the same title. Even though it doesn't designate a new show, the description doesn't include "NEW". ETC. Not much you can do when the info is incorrect. I suppose you could do a forced guide update and see if the current content corrects the errors in the previous update. While I'm no fan of NBR, you can also go into the timer section and select "Restore" for the timer that is being skipped.

At some point, Dish Network decided my PVR was a DVR and changed all the onscreen menus to reflect this. The actual printed writing on the unit, as well as the PVR button on the remote still say PVR. It angers me that Dish made this change without warning or the option to get free equipment where the on screen and real life TLAs match.

Anyhow, I've unplugged the unit and allowed it to reboot with no change. This has been going on for weeks now, so it's not limited to one bad guide data update. How do I force it to manually reset the guide data? I have half a mind to call Dish and tell them off.... it's really frustrating when my shows don't get recorded.
I had some shows from last week record on my 510 with the same metadata, i.e. the year was 2155 (I'll be 200 years old by then) and episode 15181. As I've mentioned in other threads, NBR recordiing has not functioned properly on my DVR since some time last spring.

The only solution that has consistently worked for me is to set manual timers. Forget about highlighting a show and then adding a timer for it. Figure out when a show you want is going to be broadcast (using the internet if your PG is screwed up) and then manually enter the channel and date. Tedious but better than missing a show you thought was scheduled to be saved. And make Dish refund your monthly programming fee. It's not legal for them to take money for services they can't, or won't, provide, and they know perfectly well that the 500 series firmware they've developed is full of bugs.:mad:
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The problem is not in the guide info. The EPG correctly shows the year and episode number (before the event is recorded). The problem appears to be that either the year and episode number is not saved when the event is recorded, or they are not read and displayed properly from the recorded event.

Since my 508 was forced 4.07 (from 3.69), the NBR appears to be working correctly when using it to record "New" episodes and it's not recording old episodes. (Just be careful because the default is "All".) Most of the timers that I have created were "New" (it just so happens that I only had one timer at the time by 508 was forced). Except for one timer that I purposely used a manual timer, all others have been "New" and appear to be working correctly. I also used one or two "Weekly" and I'm not sure what the difference is. I frequently check the Schedule to see if it's says it's going to record what I want it to (a habit I stopped a while back when we got a new 625 a few years ago because it seemed to be working correctly - though I do have a couple of manual timers on that receiver also).
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