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512 software update

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I hear a rumour there has been a sw update for 512 to make it easy to use with only one feed as a single tuner unit. Anyone have details?
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Not sure I understand " provider " ?
OK panic over. It seems it was in April '11, this sw rev. The 512 I just got around to unpacking ,was probably before that. Once I plugged it in it appeared to get new sw and the behavior changed.If you use just one input , the 1/2 option disappears and it powers up on the active input and doesn't bother you any more. Makes it better if you have to replace a 510 and don't want to run wires or frig around upstairs
there are many of them: DirecTV, DTV LatAm, dish, GlobeCast, etc

by the number perhaps you mean model DVR512 by e* ?
Quite right. The thing is a DVR 512 from Dish. I bought it in june 2011 as a replacement for my faltering 510 but the 510 is still going strong so I didn't install the new one. A bit daunted by the necessary changes to the installation.
Now it seems I could just go ahead and replace the 510 and use the 512 as a one tuner receiver until I get the energy to change my setup.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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