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522 hard drive going, going ...

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My turn. :) It's 2.5 or 3.5 years old or so, getting much worse freezing/pausing/system crashes only when I'm trying to watch recorded programs or use any kind of DVR feature. Live TV is fine, anything else? Forget it.

Anyone ever have any success having a drive recovery place try to recover the drive? I.e., create a clone, install the clone, life goes on as before?

I have 85 hrs recorded on this thing I really don't want to lose. No service Dish provides for something like this? (I know, but I have to ask ...)
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You are exactly right. :) I lost a PC drive to a virus once, and now I (try to!) religiously back that up. I can get about 1 - 2 hrs of stuff off of the DVR per day. I have to keep rebooting it or power cycling it to temporarily get rid of the freezing/pausing. It is getting worse though.

I'm still waiting to hear back from one drive recovery place I asked if they could do anything for me.

Dish said they couldn't do anything but replace it. Some customer service right there.

When I get the new one, I'll try not to let so much stuff build up on it.
Doesn't matter. All I want is a cloned drive that's working properly to pop back in there. I don't want to copy the files or watch them on my PC. I just want a working drive.

I'll check that place out, thanks. Different than the one I'm talking to now.
Yeah, I was wondering if there might be some kind of hardware key between the drive and the box ... Thanks!
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