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6.12/622 BUGS

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Awoke to 6.12 on my 622. The guide appeared slightly different and I knew something had changed...

My TV1, hooked up by component, had a picture only in its top left corner. I did a power cord reboot and that seems to have fixed that, but then TV2 could not display my local HD channels. Other HD channels in the 9xxx range display fine, though obviously not in HD since that is not supported on TV2. So, I now did a power button reboot and that fixed things temporarily. After several minutes, the picture on the TV1 shrunk to the upper left corner again. I toggled the HDTV settings and it came back again full screen, for now. I still see no new features other than a change in the guide graphics.

Bottom line, 6.12 did not turbo charge me, it brought me to my knees. Time to call tech support and voice my opinion.

Any release notes on these new versions?
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I too awoke to a postage stamp sized image in the upper left corner of my component connected Mits/622 setup. I also noticed that the Mits was reporting that the resolution it was getting from the 622 was only 480i. :confused:

First I powercorded the 622 – that got full screen video alive again. But the Mits was still reporting that it was only getting a 480i signal from the 622. I went into the HD setup on the 622 (Menu, 6, 8) and it showed that it was still set for 1080i – so I got on the hotline to a totally clueless Dish CSR :grin: (are there any other kind?) to report that they have a problem with L6.12 – a total waste time and effort (don’t bother calling them, you’ll just get aggravated while they help you spin your tires deeper into the mud). :rolleyes:

Now here’s the good part, I found that by cycling the 622’s output resolution setting first to 480p then back to 1080i I was able to restore the 1080i output – and hopefully it will stay (sit, be good…) :sure:

My HDMI connected Phil/622 setup seems not to have suffered from this latest T.T. (Turbo Terrific) round of improvements, but only time will tell for sure... :p

Thanks Dish! As usual, it's been a pressure, :lol:
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I've started a experiences/bugs thread, please start using that thread to discuss L6.12. Sorry for the delay. Thank you.

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