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$60 from D* for updating home phone number

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In preperation for the day when we drop our land line, I'm updating various accounts with our cell phone number. This past Monday I log into my DirecTv account and find my address and phone number under the 'Installation Address'. I don't see an obvious way to change my phone number, so I click the 'Moving?' button and change my phone number to a cell number.

Fast forward three days to Thursday afternoon. I receive a phone call on my cell from DirecTv asking if I was planning on moving. I say not in the near future. The CSR thanks me for being a valued customer and asks if there is anything that she can give me (yes she said 'give') in appreciaiton for my business. I say sure, how about waiving next month's bill. The CSR laughs and says she probably can't do that. She then asks if I would accecpt a credit of $10 per month for the next six months. Of course I accecpt. :D

Even if this resets my contract for another two years it's not a big deal. I upgraded to an HR34 in September, so it only extends me an additional one to two months max.

Interesting way to keep subscribers in the fold.
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