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Can anyone tell me what the audio synch capability on the 622 does?

There is an option to use HD or SD to synch audio. I cannot tell the difference between the 2.

The only reason I ask is that on a recent broadcast (the CMA awards), the DVR recording had the lip synch off. The audio was delayed from the video. My yamaha receiver allows me to change the delay, but unfortunately only in a positive direction. That only made it worse.

I tried changing the audio synch option on the 622, but saw no difference in either live TV or the recorded materials.

There is no reference in the 622 manual to this option that I could find.

The event was in HD on one of the networks. It was recorded from the satellite, not OTA.

I have never had this sort of problem before, and I suspect the problem was actually in the broadcast, ultimately, not with the 622 or my setup. But it made me curious about the synch feature.

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