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I'm in the same basic position (622 that has become flaky since L630 was spooled); my first call to Dish Technical Support yielded a person who told me I'd get a 722. Learning later that this might not include off-air capability, I called back, only to be told that no, I would be getting a replacement 622.

If the problem is with the software, I don't really want another box with the same problem, on the other hand, if the new box doesn't have the same functionality as the old one, well, I don't what that either.

Seems like they have a lot of nerve to ask for an upgrade fee to replace an older receiver; I might understand this if the receiver had some new functionality like the 922, but other than a larger hard drive, seems like the 722 is basically the same thing, and it makes life easier for them if I upgrade, versus Dish testing their new releases on older models.

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